Rok Zalokar – Spaces VIII, Album design

Rok Zalokar – Spaces VIII, oblikovanje albuma

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Not far away from Bistrica ob Sotli, five sacral shrines whose history extends back thousand and more years, are situated at the top of the Holy Mountains hill. The largest shrine, Church of Mary from 17th century, houses one of the oldest pipe organs in Slovenia. Their specific character lends itself to inventivness in sounds, varieties of approaches and deep harmonies that linger in church night-time serenity.

‘Spaces’ are series of live recordings, capturing synergy between a performer & place, following simple guideline of »One performer, one instrument, one space.« We strive to record and capture environments that are in one way or another isolated, hidden or forgotten from the outside world - and yet much part of it.

Recordings are done fully live, usually in one go, with no audience. One stereo microphone is capturing ambience from a standpoint of listener, while couple of microphones are listening to the performer upclose. We use field audio recorders instead of computer and do as little post-production as possible.

Rok Zalokar – Pipe Organ from the 17th century
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Photography / Fotografija: 
Jaka Teršek